ProSmart turns old into new

The days of guessing are over with New Technology available for everyone.

Guessing how much gas you have in your cylinder based on muscular strain belongs back in the stone age. Out are the days of guessing based on gut feeling, and in are the days of accurate digital measurements. The idea that camping is a ‘traditional’ hobby is becoming a thing of the past. Technology adoption in the adventure industry is about as fast as anywhere else, making your adventures more accessible than ever. Brands like BMPRO allow anyone, new caravan or old, to upgrade and manage their van like never before, enabling you to venture further off-grid and never worry about water, gas or battery management again.

Have you ever been 4×4’ing on sand and not known the pressure of your tyres? Have you ever been camping off the grid and not known the charge of your battery? Have you ever been 400km from the nearest petrol station and run out of gas for the BBQ? Well, this is where BMPRO’s ProSmart comes in, using new technology to give you the reliability you need, to power the adventure of a lifetime.

How ProSmart Turns Old technology into the new one?

Unlike other BMPRO products, ProSmart can integrate into any existing camper or boat without the need for any existing BMPRO products. It’s entirely self-sufficient, independent and scalable, no matter your setup. ProSmart can connect with up to 40 SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors, read ambient temperature and connect directly with your battery, ultimately providing you with a comprehensive view of your caravan, boat, car, campervan or camper trailer.

No matter the age, the brand or what you’re using it on, ProSmart works with everything, removing the need to spend thousands of dollars to have the latest camping technology.

The new technology shouldn’t have to be complicated or be dangerous to install; it should be about as user friendly as LEGO. ProSmart and all its sensors run through your existing 12v setup and can be set up in minutes, mitigating the need for a qualified electrician to install your device, saving you both money and time.

Getting digital readings of temperature, battery status, gas bottle levels, and other ‘back to the future’ technology now costs less than car rego. ProSmart by BMPRO puts the latest technology in the adventure industry in the palm of your hand through our free ProSmart app. Both the application and DIY installation are effortless to use. Even grandma can tell you how much gas you have left.

This article was written for the Caravanning Australia magazine.


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