Dipper 5.0

Digital Water Level Indicator



  • Easy Installation – no need to rewire if retrofitting
  • Fits existing water tanks
  • Suitable for use in caravans, boats, motor homes and camper trailers
  • Suitable for plastic and metal water tanks

Compatible with BMPRO Trek and Drifter units for tank reading display



The Dipper is a digital water level indicator (sender) designed to be used in both plastic and metal water tanks. It gives an accurate reading of the water levels in fresh and grey water tanks on recreational vehicles, camper trailers and boats.

This water level sensor is easy to install into the side of your water tanks. Retrofitting is a DIY job thanks to the 5 pin connector located close to the ring terminal.

The Dipper has been designed for use with the suite of BMPRO Power Management Systems (BatteryPlus35/Trek, Drifter, J35), and is also compatible with a range of aftermarket tank level indicators.

Three models are available: with 2.5M, 5M and 7.5M cables.

Product Specifications

Ring Terminal  stainless Steel 316 corrosive resistant properties
5 Pin Connecter eliminates need to rewire if retrofitting
Mounting Hole required 22mm
Connecter waterproof