RV sensor kit



SmartConnect range

  • Complete SmartConnect kit
  • DIY installation in minutes
  • Package includes: 1 x SmartSense, 1 x SmartTemp, 2 x SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit
  • Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster
  • REQUIRES ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink103 (for Odyssey users).


RV Sensor Kit SmartConnect brings a new level of integrated technology to your RV.


The kit includes one SmartSense sensor, one SmartTemp sensor, two SmartPressure sensors and one toolkit to mount tyre pressure monitors. Use it to enhance your JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND or RVMaster smart RV systems already installed in your caravan.

SmartConnect software is already pre-loaded into the BMPRO systems installed on all major brands or Australian caravans built in 2020, and can be simply activated at any stage from manufacturing through to aftermarket.

Please ensure your RV is equipped with BMPRO ControlNode103 or OdysseyLink103, in order for SmartConnect app to be available.

JHub tablet models compatible with SmartConnect are BMPRO7Q2 and BMPRO7DI.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 4 cm


Installation Manual

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