How much gas is left in your gas bottle?

BMPRO takes the guess work out of this question in releasing SmartSense, an accurate gas bottle monitor to Australian BBQ lovers and RVers.

SmartSense is a small monitor (approximately the size of a business card), which is attached to the underside base of a gas cylinder with two strong magnets. It detects the gas level remaining within the cylinder and sends this information via Bluetooth to a smartphone. The free downloadable SmartSense app is available in Android and IOS.

The app includes alarm notifications to inform the user when the gas level detected is below the settable threshold.

The SmartSense app allows monitoring of multiple gas bottles from one phone. It works with the standard domestic portable gas bottles and provides options to select from 3.7 kg or 8.5 kg cylinders or even to set up the bottle size arbitrarily by entering the bottle height.

Users can configure settings individually for each monitored cylinder, including naming the cylinder, alarms and unit of measurement to be displayed as percentage or centimetres.

Caravanners running their BBQs, stoves, or fridges on gas; café owners using outdoor gas heaters; BBQ lovers and everybody else using liquified gas will find this app to be highly useful and convenient. It takes the guesswork out of understanding how much gas is remaining.

No more undercooked sausages and running out of gas in the middle of your BBQ or a trip. No more warm water testing, weighing gas bottles or fortune telling – now there a SmartSense app for that!

SmartSense is available from BMPRO online store and through recommended retailers, RRP$89.95.

RVers should keep a lookout in 2020 when the SmartSense will be integrated and operate within the 2020 JHub and Odyssey control and monitoring systems in new caravans.

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