Video: Embark on a Great Ocean Road Adventure with ProSmart

Great Ocean Road Adventures with ProSmart

 BMPRO has launched a new campaign that takes viewers on an adventure along the Great Ocean Road with the added benefit of ProSmart to keep a tab on all RV functions – no matter the distance and regardless of a Wi-Fi connection. With ProSmart, caravanners can now travel longer, further and smarter through real-time insight on gas levels, water levels, battery status, temperature and tyre pressure all in the palm their hands.

“There’s nothing more valuable in life than these moments spent together with your family and nature. They are even better with ProSmart. Monitor your adventures to rediscover that freedom again”, said David Bayliss, Brand Ambassador of BMPRO.

“ProSmart enables you to travel anywhere without the stress of the unknown and worrying about how full your gas is or the level of your tyre pressure. It provides the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten track locations without the worry of breakdowns.”

The free ProSmart app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ProSmart has been designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.  

Great Ocean Road Adventures with ProSmart video is available on company’s YouTube channel.

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