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I do not see the whole app on JHub tablet, what should I do?

 Adjust the font size in your tablet settings.

How to setup time on JHub tablet?

How to wake up my caravan?

To turn the sleep mode (battery isolation switch) off, press on the battery sign.

JHub sleep mode switched on

If the battery isolation mode is on, check if the manual battery switch is off and turn it back on.

Is there a different JHub app for the tablet and the phone?

No, the JHub tablet and your phone use the same app. Just search for JHub in the Apple App or Google Play stores and download, the App is smart enough to understand if it being installed onto a tablet or a phone.

Where can I purchase ControlNode102 or JHub tablets from?

You can purchase ControlNode102 and / or JHub tablet via your local Jayco dealership.

Can the JHub work with the JHub Tablet and the JHub App at the same time?

Yes, the JHub system can pair with up to 5 devices at one time if required.

What devices are compatible with JHub app?

The JHub App is compatible with Android 4.2 or later and iOS11 or later. If you have an earlier Android or iOS version, please upgrade your phone or operating system to experience the benefits of the JHub.

Where exactly do I find the ControlNode102?

The Control Node is normally installed beside the J35 Power Management System which is under the bed or the sitting bench – if a battery is installed it should be beside this.

How do I pair my phone to the ControlNode102?

Press and release the button on the left-hand side of the ControlNode102. This will make the ControlNode102 discoverable. Then open the JHub App on your phone and scan for your ControlNode102.

Odyssey FAQ

The screen on my OdysseyControl froze. What do I do?

Please reset your OdysseyControl by inserting, for example a paper clip, in the reset pin hole located on the top of the OdysseyControl.

I’ve fitted a battery to the BP35, but it’s not detected in the OdysseyControl.

Check the following: 1. Battery connections are tight and not loose or corroded 2. Battery polarity, red lead-positive, black lead-negative 3. The dealership fitted in-line fuse with the caravan battery is fitted and not blown. Correct value is 30A.

I think one of my loads is not receiving power?

The load may be faulty so the electronic load fuse that protects the load may have been activated, turning the faulty load off. If this is the case, the LED Status Indicator on the BP35 will flash a solid red. Please disconnect the faulty load from the BP35.  

None of my loads appear to be powered and I can’t use the OdysseyControl to power the loads on again.

In this situation, when you attempt to power loads from the OdysseyControl, the resultant pop-up message will help to diagnose why the loads are no longer powered. It could be eco mode switched on, low voltage mode switched on, or there’s no bluetooth connection

BatteryCheck FAQ

Can I use my BatteryCheck on my starter Battery?

The BatteryCheck is designed for deep cycle batteries (also known as ‘house’ batteries) and as such should not be used on a starter battery.

Can I use my BatteryCheck on my dual battery system or battery bank?

As long as the battery system or bank does not exceed 100A peak or 80A continuous draw or charge then there is no problems using the BatteryCheck. Just ensure that all negative connections on the batteries go through the BatteryCheck. Please note, the BatteryCheck will monitor and report on the whole system as one energy source. The BatteryCheck cannot monitor individual batteries in the bank.

Why is information including time remaining more important than measuring volts?

Volts is only one indicator in a more complex equation – rather like measuring kilometres-per-hour (KPH) in a car. KPH will tell you how fast you’re going, but not how long you’ll be able to maintain a particular speed or if you have fuel in the tank to run it. The BatteryCheck will provide you with access to all of the information you need to complete the full picture, including charge state, battery status, amps, volts and remaining time.

Trek FAQ

Can the Trek be used with power supplies other than the BP35?

The Trek has been designed to function only with the BP35 unit. Although the BP35 can be used without the Trek monitor, the Trek cannot relay data on its own.

I have incorrect water tank level readings on the Trek.

Ensure the tanks monitoring is enabled (see manual).

In the majority of cases, the reason of the incorrect water tank level reading is residue in the water tanks or dirty senders.

Flush the tanks several times with clean water, fill them with water again and add  tank cleaner, drive for a while to slosh the water around, empty the tanks and refill them with fresh water.

Why should I use the BatteryPlus35 and Trek combo over a standard battery charger or voltmeter?

The BP35 and Trek system is a fully integrated Battery Management/Monitoring system. It includes a battery charger, power supply, low voltage disconnect, 12 output distribution board (rated at 10 & 15 amps), built in solar regulator, electronically reset-able fuses, AUX connection (direct connection for Anderson plug), water tank monitoring and battery charging/discharging ratings. The Trek unit can then display net amps, amps in from solar panels and amps in from AUX input whilst also controlling two water pumps.

Drifter FAQ

Why are the water tank readings on my Drifter incorrect?

If you suspect your water tank level readings are incorrect, please check the following:

  1. Are the tanks enabled for display on the Drifter?
  2. Is tank wiring correct?
  3. Are the tanks used for salt water, grey water and detergents as these can affect water tank level readings?

How does the Drifter calculate time remaining?

The Drifter measures current going into and out of the battery via a shunt. This information is then used to accurately estimate the remaining time and capacity of the battery.

My Drifter screen has gone blank, what should I do?

You should remove the Drifter screen from the wall bracket by pushing the unit in and sliding up. This will allow you to access to the connector plugs at the back of the unit. Disconnect these plugs and reconnect to reset the unit and then mount the Drifter screen back to the bracket. If the problem persists, the Drifter loom connections to the battery will need to be checked (Refer to wiring diagram in manual).

Can a higher rated shunt be used with the Drifter?

Yes, please ensure the resistance is 1mΩ ± 5%.

My Drifter is telling me that it's discharging while I'm on a 240v connection, why?

In this situation, it is most likely that the shunt has been wired back to front. While this does not cause any damage, you should contact your local caravan service centre to rewire the shunt correctly.

How do I set my Drifter parameters?

Please refer to page 10-11 of the Drifter manual for a step by step guide. To enter Set-up Mode press and hold the Home and Backlight buttons for at least five seconds. The table in the manual shows which parameters can be set. 

The Drifter is giving me an inaccurate Time Remaining figure, how can I fix this?

The Drifter does initially need to be taken through 2-3 full charge/discharge cycles of the battery. Connect your power supply/battery charger up to a 240V connection and fully charge the battery, leave on charge for 24 hours and then discharge your battery back down. Repeat 2 – 3 times. This process allows the Drifter to learn the minimum capacity and the maximum capacity of your battery to provide accurate Time Remaining information.

Is the Drifter compatible with Lithium batteries?

No, the Drifter is not currently compatible for use with Lithium batteries.

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