Solution for Complex Electrical Circuit

Whilst it would be possible to set up a system of battery monitors, charging, fused circuits, voltage measurements and device/appliance control using discrete devices, it would be much easier, particularly for the end user if all those functions were controlled by the one device. 

Hence the development of the J35 and BatteryPlus35 Integrated Battery Management Systems (IBMS).

A critical feature of the J35 and BatteryPlus35 is that the batteries, generating devices and all 12V/24V loads are connected in together but separately controlled and monitored.

It also has the benefit of

  • All voltages and current flows can easily be measured and checked against each other.  In order to maximise the efficient charging of all system batteries, BMPRO has done extensive testing of all battery types, including the newer Lithium and Lead Crystal designs. That way all battery characteristics can be loaded into the IBMS software and optimum charging conditions can be maintained at all times.  An obvious benefit of this is that battery life is prolonged like for instance batteries are not being discharged to unacceptable levels. When multiple charging inputs are available, for instance both a mains charger and solar panels, then these can be regulated for not only the correct rate of charge but also to avoid voltage spikes and overcurrent conditions.

  • All the load circuits are wired in separately and can be shut off individually if there is a circuit fault. Unlike a fuse which will just blow, the circuit is monitored such that if the fault clears, ie blown globe or a temporary overload is removed, then the circuit will automatically reconnect, that is there is no need to replace a fuse or turn a circuit breaker back on. If the fault persists though, the circuit will remain disconnected.

  • In the event of batteries becoming discharged excessively, the IBMS can be programmed for a controlled shut down. Non-essential circuits like say a water pump and electric awning will be switched off first in favour of keeping the fridge or medical devices like a sleep apnea machine running. 
  • Part of the J35 package includes a tablet that can be used to control, monitor and operate everything, including items like turning lights on and off and operating the hot water system. A Bluetooth link is used to connect the tablet with the J35 which means that WiFi capability is not required. The good news is that whilst theIBMSsystem has been setup to be monitored in a fairly simple fashion, tech heads can set everything up to suit their own desires and interest. 

What the J35 and BatteryPlus35 offer is a comprehensive package that not only operates an entire 12V/24V Recreational Vehicle system at its peak efficiency but does so in a way that offers the most economic use of the overall system, including the all important batteries.

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25 thoughts on “Solution for Complex Electrical Circuit”

    1. Olga kustova

      Good afternoon Bob,
      The J35D is a direct replacement for the J35C.
      it is only the internals that makes the units different

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service on 03 9763 0962.

      1. This is not true!
        I have changed mine from the C to the D. now I find that I will have to spend an extra $750 to change the node and the tablet as well as they are not compatible.
        The tablet will not accept the updated app. and I also have to change the 101node to the 103. Otherwise I can not change it to the Lithium mode!
        In the end its cost me nearly $2500 to fit 1 lithium battery. If I had been told this before I would have simply fitted a new AGM. The original AGM fitted by Jayco silverline was a chinese one so only lasted 3 years.

        1. Olga kustova

          Hi John,

          The battery technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years as we have seen with the introduction of lithium into the RV space. The same can be said for other technologies such as Bluetooth where the chips have evolved and new features become available.
          The tablet and ControlNode101 were designed and manufactured before lithium and mobile phone control of the JHub system became available. As the technology has evolved The tablet and the ControlNode101 has become non-compatible with the newer technology and we either need to upgrade or replace systems to achieve what we want, just like upgrading or replacing our tow vehicles to suit our needs. In order for the J35D to be used for lithium, simply replacing the ControlNode101 to a 103 will give you the latest app to control your system and select a lithium profile for your current smartphone and do away without the wall tablet, you can also pair up to 4 devices to the 103. If you wish to continue with a tablet and node then you will need to purchase both units from the link below. This tablet will still fit in the factory location.

  1. Hello, when I press the pairing button on my node101 for 10+ seconds it doesn’t change to orange nor can I pair to my phone.
    Brought a new jayco in sept 19 with J35 b with solar.
    Have never been able to pair!
    Getting frustrated
    Thanks in advance

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Michael,

      ControlNode101 is not compatible with the smartphones; you would need to upgrade to ControlNode102 to be able to use a phone app. Do you have a JHub tablet in your van?

  2. Christopher Owen

    I have a j35 C with 101 node ive change the battery from 100 ah to 170 ah andive change in app settings to the ah to suit above, but power hours remaining stays at 99.59ah I would think it should b 169.59 , on fully charged have i miss something , thanks

    1. Olga kustova

      Good morning Christopher.
      The Early JHub tablet only has the capability in the the App to display 99.59HRS.
      Even when the battery capacity is 300amp/h it will display the same.

      The 99.59hrs is based on the amperage being drawn from the battery at the time, when you see this almost nothing is on. Once you turn on appliances in the caravan, the hours will adjust to the current power demands showing a reduction in the available hours.
      BMPRO Customer Service

  3. I have a Silverline outback with a JHub and 101 node which has a continual green flashing light. Is this normal?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Reiner,

      The J35 will flash green once the battery is charged, it will also flash a sequence depending on the charge input (solar- 2 flashes, DC – 3 flashes). A single flash will appear if there is no battery connected.



  4. We have fitted a 120x iTechworld battery to our 2019 jayco with J35c,working good but cuts off at 12.5 & would like to shift it to11.Can this be Don in settings

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Norman,

      The J35C is not lithium compatible and the low voltage disconnect of the J35C is already set for 11.5volts for AGM batteries. The issue you are having is incompatibility as most lithiums are flat at 12.5. Lithium battery voltage doesn’t work like wet-cell batteries. With wet-cell, we are at 85% full at 12.5 but lithium is designed to hold its voltage until it has nothing left which is between 12.5 to 12.1 or even lower depending on the BMS of the lithium batteries. This is why we see issues with J35C only charging lithium LiFeP04 batteries to around the 80-85% mark. Your state of charge graphs and time remaining will also read completely inaccurate as the coulomb counting is also for wet-cell battery types. The way to get the best performance is to replace the J35C with the J35D which is designed for lithium. Please see the link below

      If you have any questions, please let me know
      Stewart / Customer Service

  5. When the Jhub tablet is turned on it asks for the password.
    1.) Where do I find the password?
    2.) Alternatively is there a generic password I can use?
    3.) Without either of these the whole unit is useless.

    The Control Node is a 101 and from reading the comments above my understanding is that I can’t bypass this with my phone.

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Ian,

      Because the JHub is an Android device, it is linked to Google. Customers can add the JHub to their personal Google Account by signing into Google from the JHub.

      There are a couple of ways to sign into Google, but the most common way is by signing into the Google Play Store to download apps or get app updates for their respective BMPRO program. Depending on the customer’s Google Account settings and depending on what they choose when setting up their account on the JHub, they may sync settings from their Google Account to the JHub and import a password, pin code, or swipe pattern.

      Whatever method is used to set up a lock screen, intentional or not, BMPRO has NO ability to bypass, reset, recover, or default a password, pin code, or swipe pattern.

      You may try the following:

      1. You can log into your Google account on a computer and remove the pin or swipe code.

      2. You can log into you Google account on a computer and factory reset the device.

      3. You can use a swipe or pin code from your current cell phone or an old cell phone.

      4. The screen will sometimes tell the user that after so many incorrect patterns or pin code entries the screen will factory reset. Which is ok, and you will just need to re-download your JHub app.

  6. Hi there I am wondering if you can help me out. I have picked up a J35 C model module with a control node 101 and Jhub tablet. The module is working fine but when I plug the node in it just stay flashing green and the tablet just comes up with Android on the screen does nothing else. Is this a problem with the node not talking to the tablet.
    Thank you. How you can help.

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Jeremy,
      Could you please try the hardware factory reset (pressing and holding the power on button, while pressing the volume down button at the same time) during powering up of the tablet? Let us know if this resolves your problem.

  7. Hi we have a 2017 jayco optimum it has a bmpro j35 model C with a 101 node we have had a lot of problems with the iPad been replaced a few years ago and now the same thing it’s dead can’t wake it. So wanting to know if we can replace the 101 for a 103 so we can download the app onto our phone thanks Dave

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