Camping in summer can be a fun, relaxing way to get away from the bustling technological world, but there is a range of safety measures you should keep in mind.

Preparing for your trip is essential. Always check the fire danger and bans in your area for the particular times you’re planning on visiting. This can change quickly so ideally try to keep up to date with internet or a radio. If storms and rains are expected make sure to check that your area is not prone to flooding.

The placement of your tent or RV is important if rain is expected and the site could flood. Try to set up close enough to your car so you have some protection if there are thunderstorms. If the site is prone to flooding, and you’re setting up on any type of sloped ground be wary. Try to set up camp so the entrance is facing downhill. Shade is also essential for keeping cool in hot weather.

To be safe and comfortable throughout your trip you must take care of your personal health. Have a well-stocked first aid kit with you. If someone gets hurt it could take a while for help to arrive. Be aware of where the nearest phones and emergency services are located, particularly if the campsite has no reception. Dehydration can be an issue in summer so keep plenty of water or ways to purify water on you at all times. Be aware of your food products. Keep them in an insulated, cool area so they don’t spoil and try to keep them in a car away from your tent as they can attract wild animals.

Have fun and stay safe camping in beautiful Aussie weather!

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