SmartSwitch – OdysseySwitch6

Light & Pump Switch Remote for Odyssey


    • Control multiple lights and pumps remotely
    • Bluetooth simplicity – communicates with Odyssey
    • Offers additional convenience over RV controls
    • No hard wiring required – DIY install
    • Includes wall-mounted brackets
    • Switches with 6 and 4 control points are available

*REQUIRES OdysseyLink104 (for Odyssey users).

*NOT a standalone product – only works with BMPRO Odyssey Smart RV System


Ultimate Convenience in RV Lighting and Water Pump Control:

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark or making inconvenient trips to the main control panel just to turn on your RV lights or water pumps? Say goodbye to those hassles and say hello to a new level of convenience with our RV Wall Switches.

Our RV Wall Switches are designed to give you easy access to all your essential controls, right at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the cozy comfort of your bed, stepping into your RV after a long day of adventures, or relaxing in the lounge area, you can effortlessly control your lights and water pumps from multiple strategic locations within your RV.

These wall switches are intelligently designed to blend seamlessly with your RV’s interior. They’re available in various styles and finishes to complement your aesthetic preferences. Their space-saving design doesn’t clutter your living space, making them a discrete yet highly functional addition to your RV’s decor.

Keeping up with modern technology, our RV Wall Switches incorporate Bluetooth connectivity. Pair them with your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll have complete control of your RV’s lighting and water systems from the palm of your hand. Adjust settings, create custom schedules, and even turn off lights remotely – it’s all just a few taps away.

For those who seek a truly interconnected RV experience, our Wall Switches effortlessly integrate with the Odyssey Smart RV System. This synergy ensures that your RV’s various systems work harmoniously, enhancing your overall comfort, security, and convenience. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your lighting and water pumps are perfectly synchronized with the rest of your RV’s intelligence.

Experience the convenience, luxury, and peace of mind you deserve with our RV Wall Switches. It’s time to upgrade your RV experience, one switch at a time.

Includes wall-mounted brackets.

NOTE: Any Wall Switch you install in your RV has been paired to the OdysseyLink at the factory and is ready for immediate use. If a Wall Switch isn’t responding, it may need to be re-paired.


Up to two Wall Switches can be paired to the OdysseyLink. To pair a Wall Switch to the OdysseyLink:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Wall Switches.
3. Press Add.

4. On the Wall Switch you want to pair, press any two buttons at the same time.
5. Once pairing is successful, the newly-paired Wall Switch will appear in the
Wall Switches list.

To unpair a Wall Switch from the OdysseyLink:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Wall Switches.
3. Next to Remove wall switches, press Unpair.
4. Red Unpair buttons will appear next to the Wall Switch listings. Next to the Wall Switch you want to unpair, press Unpair.
5. Press Done.

Wall Switches are powered by a standard CR2032 3V Lithium Cell coin battery.

To check if the battery needs replacing:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Battery Levels.
3. Press any button on the Wall Switch you are checking.

Once the button has been pressed, the App will refresh with the Wall Switch
battery status.