SmartSwitch – OdysseySwitch4

Light Switch Remote for Odyssey


    • Control multiple lights remotely
    • Includes master lighting control for convenience
    • Offers additional convenience over RV controls
    • No hard wiring required – DIY install
    • Includes wall-mounted brackets
    • Switches with 6 and 4 control points are available

*REQUIRES OdysseyLink104

*NOT a standalone product – only works with BMPRO Odyssey Smart RV System


Easy access to all RV light switches

Tired of searching for light switches in the dark corners of your RV? Say farewell to the inconvenience with our RV Wall Switches. These smart switches offer effortless control over your RV’s lighting from multiple locations within the vehicle.

Place our wall switches near the bed, at the entrance, or in the lounge area to ensure that you can easily access and control the lights wherever you are in your RV. No more stumbling around or struggling to find the right switch.

Our RV Wall Switches come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync them with your smartphone or tablet. This means you can control your RV’s lighting with a simple tap on your device’s screen, even from a distance. Adjust settings, create lighting schedules, and enjoy the convenience of smart control.

For a truly connected RV experience, our Wall Switches are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Odyssey Smart RV System. This ensures that your lighting systems work in perfect harmony with the broader intelligence of your RV, enhancing your overall comfort and convenience.

Includes wall-mounted brackets.


NOTE: Any Wall Switch you install in your RV has been paired to the OdysseyLink at the factory and is ready for immediate use. If a Wall Switch isn’t responding, it may need to be re-paired.


Up to two Wall Switches can be paired to the OdysseyLink. To pair a Wall Switch to the OdysseyLink:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Wall Switches.
3. Press Add.

4. On the Wall Switch you want to pair, press any two buttons at the same time.
5. Once pairing is successful, the newly-paired Wall Switch will appear in the
Wall Switches list.

To unpair a Wall Switch from the OdysseyLink:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Wall Switches.
3. Next to Remove wall switches, press Unpair.
4. Red Unpair buttons will appear next to the Wall Switch listings. Next to the Wall Switch you want to unpair, press Unpair.
5. Press Done.

Wall Switches are powered by a standard CR2032 3V Lithium Cell coin battery.

To check if the battery needs replacing:

1. From the App home screen, press the Settings button.
2. Press Battery Levels.
3. Press any button on the Wall Switch you are checking.

Once the button has been pressed, the App will refresh with the Wall Switch
battery status.

To replace the battery in a Wall Switch:

1. Unclip the Wall Switch button pad.
2. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry open the Wall Switch button pad and remove the battery from the holder.
3. Insert the new battery in the holder with the positive side facing up