How to monitor your RV battery?

While many of us bemoan being slaves to our smartphones and lust after some screen-free time, technology can, in the right circumstances, actually enhance, rather than detract from, a meaningful camping experience.

And most of us control many aspects of our lives from the palm of our hands, from our banking and our bookings to our shopping and our socialising, so why should controlling our RV batteries be any different?

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of its state-of-the-art battery monitors, Drifter and Trek, back in 2013 BMPRO took battery monitoring into the digital space with BatteryCheck.

How to monitor RV battery with BatteryCheck

The BatteryCheck device connects directly to your RV battery and sends real-time information to your mobile phone via an app, giving you the ability and confidence to manage your power needs from anywhere.

Got your feet up in front of the campfire and can’t be bothered going inside the van to check the battery’s state of charge? Use BatteryCheck and do it from the comfort of your camp chair.

Like other BMPRO battery monitors, BatteryCheck uses innovative technology including an internal shunt to measure power input and output to determine the battery’s state of charge, state of health and time remaining indicators. It also displays all the other essential battery information such as voltage charge/discharge current and temperature.

Special features of BatteryCheck

Bluetooth communication with smartphone

BatteryCheck is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and can be accessed by downloading the free BatteryCheck by BMPRO app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

The app communicates with the BatteryCheck device via Bluetooth to keep you constantly up to date with the health and state of your battery/s.

Simple DIY installation

The unit and accessories supplied are designed as a very simple installation requiring no previous 12V experience.

Works with multiple batteries

BatteryCheck works with batteries wired in parallel (from 7Ah up to 800Ah battery bank), as long as the battery bank does not exceed 100A in peak draw or 80A continuous draw. If your batteries are all in parallel configuration, BatteryCheck will report on your battery bank as a whole, rather than the individual batteries.

Alternatively, you can connect multiple BatteryChecks to different batteries and monitor them all individually from your device, however, you can only view one at a time.

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