J35 series product update

J35 Battery Management System news

J35 battery management system range has been updated to answer a growing consumer demand in lithium batteries, with two out of three models now compatible with LiFePO4 batteries.

When used with ControlNode103, J35 series can be used with the JHub app and a SmartConnect range of Bluetooth sensors allowing to control and monitor multiple caravan functions from the same JHub app.

J35 2021 models for Jayco caravans

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18 thoughts on “J35 series product update”

  1. Hi Guys
    I have a question about the new J35B-L batt mgt system.
    I am currently running the J35C with a Itec world lithium battery, can I update the J35C firmware to the new lithium J36B-L specs

    cheers Peter

  2. Hey team
    I currently have a j35b. Is there a software upgrade to make this lithium compliant? If so. How /when?

  3. hi i have a j35c on a new 2020 jayco would also like to know if a firmwsre available for lithium charge profile.

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