BMPRO supports Future Leaders

Why BMPRO sponsors Future Leaders Forum

Yes, we hear your question: What is a 50-year-old company doing among the future leaders, people under 40 years old?

For the second year in a row, BMPRO is sponsoring the Future Leaders Forum held at Caravan Industry National Conference.

We are here to support the young and energetic emerging leaders of the caravan industry, because we feel our vibes are in unison with yours.

You are innovative, you are ready to experiment and to take risks. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and make sure the dream becomes reality.

So are we. We are innovators with 50 years’ experience. Through our company’s history, we’ve been taking risks and coming up with the new products using the latest available technologies.

Our product range for RV is manufactured under the brand BMPRO, and our tagline is “powering your adventures”. As young leaders, you are on your adventurous road to the management heights, and we want to give you this extra power you need on your way up. We hope we can power your adventures, too!

We want to see the caravan industry strong, ready to embrace new ideas, and try the new products (including our inventions!). That is why we are here – supporting your growth and development, fostering your innovative vibe, and helping you reach the new heights.


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