Battery charging has come a long way in recent years with intelligent systems able to recognise your battery’s condition and how best to charge it.

BMPRO, renowned for designing state-of-the-art Power Management Systems for the caravan and camper trailer market has added its expertise to standalone chargers. The company released a range of chargers designed for light users and small batteries through to the heavy duty needs of banks of deep-cycle batteries found in Australia’s far-ranging off-road caravans.

Multistage chargers

All BMPRO Battery Chargers use an innovative stepped approach to charging and maintaining your battery. Depending on the model, the battery chargers can check and adapt their charging programs to hold and maintain charge in batteries stored away for long periods, like winter. They can even recognise a poorly maintained battery before giving it a powerful and measured charge to bring it back to life.

Rugged and reliable

All BatteryCharge models are dust and waterproof making them ideal for people on the move. They are less susceptible to damage when used in garages, open air and around the campsite. All feature easy-to-use alligator clips for attaching to your battery as well as having the ability to be fixed to a bench or wall; even inside your caravan, RV or motorhome, great for reducing trip hazards around your garage or workshop.

Powering your adventures

Users are the focus of the designs with easy to read LCD and LED panels front and centre as well as clear buttons for switching modes. On top of that, the robust bodies of the chargers are designed to be easily handled and to stand up to the rigours of our harsh environment.

BMPRO battery chargers are available for purchase via our website.

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