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BatteryPlus35 FAQ

What size charger is the BatteryPlus35?

BatteryPlus35SR and BatteryPlus35PM are 20A chargers on A/C mains / 28A on solar / aux, the BatteryPlus35HA is a high amperage, 30A charger (28A on solar / aux).

Which model of BatteryPlus35 is lithium compatible?

The BatteryPlus35HA is the only model of the BatteryPlus35 that is compatible with LiFePO4 batteries.

How do I connect solar panels to my BatteryPlus35?

If you have a BatteryPlus35PM, you must connect solar panels to the BatteryPlus35PM through an external solar regulator.

The BatteryPlus35SR and BatteryPlus35HA both feature in-built solar regulators, so you may connect the positive and negative leads from your an unregulated 12V solar panel directly to the solar input on your BatteryPlus35.

Which monitor can I use with the BatteryPlus35?

The BatteryPlus35 may be used with the RVView, Trek or Odyssey monitors.


Is the J35 a DC-DC booster? Do I need one?

No, the J35 is not a DC-DC booster. If on your battery monitor you notice that AUX is not available as an input power source for the J35, BMPRO’s MiniBoost can be used to boost auxiliary voltage.

I want to add an external solar panel and plug it into the Anderson plug, will this work?

No, plugging your solar into the Anderson plug will not work as the J35 will not give voltage feedback for the solar panel’s regulator to see a battery.

Solar panels should connect directly into the J35 solar input terminals. As the J35 has an in-built solar regulator, there is no need to install an external regulator between the solar panel and the J35.

If your J35 is not solar compatible (J35A and some earlier versions of the J35B), then you may install your solar panel direct to battery through an external regulator. So that your battery monitor sees the solar charging current at the battery, you will need to also connect the negative through the drifter shunt.

How much solar can I add?

The J35A and some earlier versions of the J35B have no solar input, so Jayco would have installed your solar panels direct to the battery through an external regulator. The specifications of the external regulator will determine how much solar you can add.

Solar compatible J35B has an inbuilt solar regulator capable of up to 20A, 320 W (2 panels).

The J35C and J35D has an inbuilt regulator capable of 30A, 450W (3 panels).

We recommend you install one solar panel per battery in your caravan as the solar input will allow full charge into the batteries until they reach 14.4V.

Is J35 lithium compatible?

J35A, B and C are compatible with lead acid batteries only. The J35D is compatible with both lead acid and LiFePO4 batteries.

LiFeP04 battery requires a lithium based charge algorithm to adequately charge it. Using the Power Management System which does not have lithium profile will not only cause the battery graph to display incorrectly, but also shorten the life of your lithium battery. Use J35D with lithium batteries (J35D is available at your local Jayco dealership).

Can I add more batteries? Type/ size?

The J35D is capable of charging up to 600Ah of battery capacity. J35A/B/C have 300Ah battery capacity.

What type and size of generator do I need?

A true sign wave generator is recommended, the size will depend on your power requirements.

Why is the battery graph not filling back up on the tablet?

Consider the following:

1. How much current is the caravan using compared to the current available from the J35 to power loads and charge the battery?

If the caravan is using most of the available current to power the loads, then there will be less current available for charging, so it will take longer to charge the battery and the state of charge graph won’t fill as quickly.

For example, if the J35 is powered from the solar input, and solar is providing 6A of current, while the caravan accessories are drawing 5A of current, then there is only 1A of current available to charge the battery.

2. Is there a charge source fitted directly to the battery?

The J35 can’t see current flow at the battery if an accessory, such as generator, is connected directly to the battery. If the J35 doesn’t see the current, neither does your battery monitor.

If you are planning on connecting any load direct to battery you should install BMPRO’s BC300 External Shunt + CommLink. The BC300 let’s the J35 and battery monitor see current flow from sources connected directly to the battery, so you are always correctly informed on the power into and out of your battery.


Can I fit an inverter into the J35 system?

No, we do not recommend fitting an inverter to the J35. The J35 is limited to a total of 20A (J35A) or 35A (J35B, C and D). When an inverter powers an appliance, the current draw from the inverter is typically much larger than the current supplied by the J35.

You may fit an inverter directly to the battery. To ensure that the J35 and battery monitor sees the current drawn by the inverter, you need to install BMPRO’s BC300 External Shunt + CommLink to the battery.

Genius FAQ

Is the Genius compatible with all battery types?

The Genius is compatible with all lead-acid batteries. The Genius is not compatible for use with lithium batteries.

Is the Genius a DIY product?

Installation of the Genius should be carried out by a suitably qualified auto-electrician only. We suggest you contact an auto-electrician or a caravan service centre for further assistance.

The Genius LED indicators are randomly flashing green and red at inconsistent intervals, what should I do?

If the Genius is on AC mains and you have your battery connected, it will try to charge the battery. If you have solar connected to the caravan, this can produce a higher voltage than the Genius is looking to charge the battery to.

The RED/GREEN flash is a “STORE MODE” warning, showing that the Genius cannot charge the battery as it is already at a voltage equal to or above the charge float level voltages that the Genius is trying to achieve.

What size charger is my Genius?

The Genius is available in two models , a 15A and 30A charger, both with a total of 35A output to loads. 

How many batteries can I connect to the Genius?

The number of batteries that you can connect to the Genius depends on your model of Genius. The 15A Genius can charge a battery bank of up to 300Ah. The 30A Genius can charge a battery bank of up to 400Ah.

Can I replace the fuses on the Genius?

You can replace fuses but only with the recommended fuse rating and type. Using the wrong fuse can cause over heating of the fuse board NB: Green/blue items are capacitors, not fuses.. Load fuses should be replaced with a 32V Automotive Mini-Blade Fuse (rating 10A, maximum rating 15A). Battery fuse should be replaced with a 32V Automotive Regular Blade Fuse (rating 35A).

How do I connect my solar panels to the Genius?

The Genius does not have a built-in solar regulator and you should not connect any solar regulators to the Genius. Instead, you need to connect your solar panels via a regulator directly to the battery bank.

What can I connect to the AUX input on the Genius?

You can connect any DC source that is 14.8V  max such as your Anderson plug connection. The AUX input connects via an isolation diode directly to the fuse panel. There is no current limiting provided for this input. Any source connected to the AUX input must be current limited to 30A to prevent the battery fuse from blowing.

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