Virtual Shows – The Way of the Future?

BMPRO is recognised as a global leader in the supply of Power Management Systems for the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, and boasts a bold approach to innovative methods and new ventures. Given the need for industry, organisations and associations to collectively stride towards a new ‘normal’, it’s no surprise that BMPRO supports the Caravan Industry of Victoria’s (CIV) virtual format for its annual show, the Victorian Caravan and Camping Virtual Show.

Melbourne caravan shows in past years attracted between 40,000 – 60,000 attendees. This year, with Melbourne under lockdown, CIV Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lucas, says ‘there was a need to embrace a new form of technology’. Through this understanding, the virtual show was born. Rob continues, ‘Our goal was simple: support our members, exhibitors, industry and customers to connect at a difficult time in our history’.

Embracing challenges with pragmatism are the hallmarks of BMPRO’s longevity in business. Our CEO, Louise Bayliss, explains,

‘I find it always comes back to being clever and methodical with technology, design and our people’.

Over time, BMPRO has breathed this philosophy into the manufacturing of our power supply products. Since 2013, our BMPRO brand has grown to be synonymous with innovative methods rising from new technologies.

Virtual shows – the way of the future?

Due to the lived experience over the past six months it is reasonable to assume that virtual events are the way of the future. Our world has changed irrevocably due to the pandemic.

Many people will feel anxious in large crowds, or simply enjoy the freedom offered in remote attendance. Being able to log on anywhere, anytime is undoubtedly a huge drawcard for the continuation of virtual events. Add that travel restrictions currently imposed on overseas and interstate flights look likely to remain for some time necessitates a rethink in the way trade shows and events are delivered.  

The CIV is already able to see benefits to the online format for the well-loved show. Rob states, ‘a virtual show knows no international or state borders and has clearly taken CIV into new space’. The chance to impact people nationally and influence people in new spaces is positive for the touring industry.

As the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and we face uncertainties in the business, economic, and social arena, it is important to maintain a focus on flexibility. Louise encourages the CIV, industry and associations in this time, stating to ‘stand ready with BMPRO to become technology-leaders, rising to the challenges in services and opportunities.’

Register to attend the Victorian Caravan and Camping Virtual Show held September 30 – October 4, 2020. There are great competitions to enter, plus the irresistible chance to start planning your road trip getaway once restrictions are lifted in Melbourne!

Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show Entrance.
Entrance to the Virtual Show
BMPRO booth at virtual show
BMPRO Lithium Batteries Stand
BMPRO camping and RV accessories hall
BMPRO sponsors Camping and RV Accessories Hall

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