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September 11, 2017 / by / 0 Comment

The Drifter is a powerful monitoring device which allows you to take control and manage the state of your 12 Volt battery life.



Comprehensive Battery Management Device

The Drifter is a powerful monitoring device which allows you to take control and manage the state of your 12 Volt battery life. It acts as a fuel gauge by monitoring and displaying information such as battery volts and amps, charge/discharge cycles, remaining life and tank levels. Offering complete battery management data, the Drifter allows you to have a truly stress free travel experience.

Key features:

  • Water tank monitor on/off switch
  • Large LCD screen for day and night viewing
  • Low voltage warning
  • Clock and temperature gauge
  • USB charging port
  • Compatible with any 12V Lead Acid battery
  • 2 year warranty

Designed specifically for caravan applications, the Drifter is a display unit that monitors water tank levels and 12 V battery charge state.

If your Drifter is showing incorrect water tank level readings, please first verify that all tanks in use are activated. This can be located in the paramaters section of your user manual. Next, you should reference the wiring diagram in the manual to assure that your wiring has been done correctly. If problems persist, you should contact your local Jayco repair center for further options. It should also be noted salt water, grey water, and detergents can affect the water tank level readings.

The Drifter measures current going into and out of the battery via a shunt. This information is then used to accurately estimate the remaining time and capacity of the battery.

You should remove the Drifter screen from the wall bracket by pushing the unit in and sliding up. This will allow you to have access to two connector plugs at the back of the unit. Disconnect these plugs and reconnect to reset the unit and then mount the Drifter screen back to the bracket. If the problem persists, the Drifter loom connections to the battery will need to be checked (Refer to wiring diagram in manual).

Yes, please ensure the resistance is 1mΩ ± 5%.

In this situation, it is most likely that the shunt has been wired back to front. No damage would have occurred from this, but you should contact your local Jayco service center to rewire this correctly.

Please refer to page 11 of the Drifter manual for a step by step guide. To enter Set-up Mode press and hold the Home and Backlight buttons for at least five seconds. The table below shows which parameters can be set. Drifter Settings

The Drifter does initially need to be taken through 2-3 full charge/discharge cycles of the battery. Example: Connect your power supply/battery charger up to a 240v connection and fully charge the battery, leave on charge for 24 hours and then discharge your battery back down. Repeat 2 - 3 times. This allows the Drifter to know the minimum capacity and the maximum capacity of your battery. Once this is completed, you will see accurate Time Remaining information from here on.

No, the Drifter is not currently compatible for use with Lithium batteries.

Volts is only one indicator in a more complex equation – rather like measuring kilometres-per-hour (KPH) in a car. KPH will tell you how fast you’re going, but not how long you’ll be able to maintain a particular speed or if you have fuel in the tank to run it. The Drifter will provide you with access to all of the information you need to complete the full picture, including charge state, battery status, amps, volts and remaining time.