The TrailSafe is the newest product from BM PRO, making your emergency break-away trailer worries disappear.

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Highly effective power-assisted emergency trailer break-away system

Unlike other products that require an additional battery to provide power to operate the trailer brakes in a break-awaysituation, the TrailSafe utilizes the existing trailer's "house" battery, meaning users don't need to worry about maintaining a secondary battery throughout the year. This all-in-one compact device also features full system safety check functionality at the tongue of the trailer and is suitable for use in various towing applications including recreational vehicles, horse floats, utility trailers and more.

Key features:

  • Electronic circuit safety protection
  • IIntelligent time out
  • Works directly off the trailer house battery
  • Fuse protected via inline fuse
  • Reverse input protection
  • LED status indiscators
  • Meets Australian regulations for break away systems on trailers over 2000kg

The TrailSafe is an effective power-assisted emergency trailer break-away system, which provides immediate application of trailer brakes in the event of an accidental detachment from the tow vehicle. Unlike other product, the TrailSafe utilizes the 'house' battery, meaning user's don't require a secondary battery and have to worry about maintaining it. This all in-one contact device also features a full system safety check at the tongue of the trailer, allowing users to test it's functionality at any given time.

No, the TrailSafe connects directly to the house/main battery.  This means that no additional battery and no additional controller is required. 

1. Remove the pin from the physical TrailSafe unit.  2. Once LED's have lit up, refer to LED chart below for reference.  3. If the voltage of your battery is sufficient, the TrailSafe is functional. 

We strongly recommend that a trained auto electrician installs this product. 


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