Families are always looking for great value holiday options that aren’t going to break the bank and for many, a camping holiday ticks a lot of boxes. Lets be honest, most kids aren’t going to remember the first class dining experience of a 5 star hotel, nor are they going to appreciate the fancy linen and bathrobes in your overpriced hotel suite. But they WILL remember that awesome time they went fishing with Mum or Dad and caught a huge Bream, they WILL remember that super cool waterpark they played in and the new friends they made. These are the types memories that many parents want to make with their kids during a holiday.

A budget styled family camping holiday leaves a little more money in the bank for other things like attractions, perhaps treating the family to some take away meals where Mum gets a night off from cooking or even being able to afford to take a LONGER holiday. Camping holidays represent great value!

Below are some basic tips to try and make the most of a family camping holiday, keep the kids happy and save some money at the same time:

1. When choosing a holiday park to stay, try looking for one that has a lot of great facilities onsite to keep the kids busy. Most activities will be included in the price of the accommodation. A pool or fun water park is a great way for kids to burn off some energy and keep entertained. Perhaps a cool playground, jumping pillow or mini golf? If you can keep the kids busy without needing to leave the holiday park then that’s got to be great news for the parents and it doesn’t cost any extra! Its about seeking out budget activities.

2.Choose a location for your family camping holiday that offers a few FREE attractions nearby. Attractions such as bush walks, waterfalls or nice surfing/swimming beaches. A creek or river is also a crowd pleaser and free to utilise. Take some gear from home to help keep the kids busy- a kite, soccer ball or some snorkeling gear. Perhaps plan a BBQ or picnic and enjoy spending time as a family. Keep it simple but make the most of your time away on holidays.

3. Fishing, Boating, Surfing, Kayaking, Canoeing...... all these activities are possible without needing to spend a fortune- and again give opportunities to make some great memories as a family. Plan to visit a location where you can utilise your water sports equipment. Take a boat along if you have one and you can easily spend your days feeding the fish (I mean catching fish) for little more than the cost of bait and a bit of fuel.

4. Tourist and Visitor Information Centres are truly worth a visit if looking for activities to keep the kids happy that are cheap. The volunteers will often know the hidden gems around town that might interest you. Perhaps the local swimming pool? Or a cool bicycle track? Maybe there are markets or a festival on that you didn’t know about. Its always worth asking. Check for any deals that are offered or check brochures for coupons or special deals- Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned!

5. National Parks are one of Australia's biggest assets and they are there for everyone to enjoy. Many offer camping and some parks even have full facilities such as toilets, bbqs and hot showers. There is often plenty of room for the kids to run around and lots of wildlife that the kids will enjoy spotting. Team that up with getting back to nature and cooking outdoors and you have some great reasons for a budget camping holiday in a National Park. Family rates for camping is often affordable and many parks offer their own point of difference or attraction.

So if you are starting to plan your next family holiday, have a think about going camping. You don’t need a lot of gear and you don’t need to go far from home either. There are plenty of holiday parks and national parks to choose from so there is bound to be one close by. Keep things simple, don’t think your need to spend lots of money on fancy tourist attractions in order to have a good holiday.. set yourself a challenge, you might be surprised at just how little a camping holiday will cost!